The Veterans Memorial Pool is scheduled to open May 29, 2020.

Pool Admission
$3.25 per person
Punch cards are available for $30 and include ten admissions.

Pool Hours

Session 1: 1:30-4:30 PM
Session 2: 5:30-8:30 PM

1:00-5:00 PM

Adaptive and Lap Swim
12:30-1:20 PM

ND Smart Restart Protocols

The use of water slides and play features (including the whale slide, mushroom sprayer and other spray features) will be temporarily unavailable due to safety concerns related to the spread of germs.

At this time, to help control the spread of germs, we will operate at 50% of our normal capacity, so our maximum number of guests will be limited to 138 people.

Locker rooms will not be available so patrons are asked to be dressed in your swimsuit prior to coming to the pool. There will be two family restrooms open for use as needed.

Patrons should bring their own water bottles, chairs and life jackets. The Park District will not have drinking fountains, life jackets, chairs or tables available for public use.

All patrons must use the outdoor shower prior to entering the pool.

Before visiting the pool, we encourage you review the pool guidelines put in place by the North Dakota Response and CDC to ensure the safety of all that visit.

As we continue to move into new phases of this pandemic, regulations will be updated. Thank you for your patience and understanding with through out this process.

The West Fargo Park District provides lifeguards to ensure that all patrons are safe while swimming. Groups are responsible for providing supervisors to enforce rules, maintain safety and help discipline their children when necessary. All young children must be supervised according to the rules below.

Admission Policy Children under the age of 1 are free. All other guests that enters the pool must pay an admission fee. Admission must be paid for each session attending.
Weather Policy The pool will be open when the air temperature is 62 and above.
Diaper Policy All children who wear diapers are required to wear water proof diapers while at the Veterans Memorial Pool. This is for the safety of everyone.
Food Policy No outside food is allowed in the pool area. Concessions are available starting Friday, June 5.

Additional Pool Rules
• No glass containers.
• Food in designated areas only.
• No outside food or beverage allowed, concessions are available.
• No bandages or open sores will be allowed in the pool.
• No cutoff shorts or basketball shorts allowed in the pool.
• No hair pins, elastic or plastic hair bands.
• Waterproof plastic diapers are required for diaper-aged children (available at the concessions for $2).
• Inappropriate behavior as deemed by management will be cause for expulsion from the premises.
• Supervisors must be 16 or older.
• All children 8 and younger must be supervised (children 9 and older may enter the pool by themselves).
• There must be at least one supervisor for every 8 children.
• Coastguard approved life jackets and swimming shirts are allowed, water wings are not acceptable.

Water Slide Rules
The water slide is unavailable for use at this time. Please watch for updates as we move into new phases of the Covid-19 pandemic.