Parks & Shelters

Shelters can be rented from Late May through Mid-September.

Park Hours 
8:00am to 10:00pm or dusk on Monday through Friday
9:00am to 10:00pm or dusk on Saturday and Sunday.

Shelter reservations for 2019 will begin to be accepted on January 2, 2019. Please send requests to

To check on availability, please call the park office, 701-433-5360 and ask for Diane.

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Arbor Woods

Brooks Harbor




Eagle Run


40th Ave


Herb Tintes

Heritage Square


Maple Ridge

Meadowridge Tot Lots



Northridge Way



Service Club

Shadow Creek

Shadow Wood Pocket

The Wilds South

The Wilds

West River

Rustad Recreation Center

Shadow Wood Splash Pad

Veterans Memorial Pool

Veterans Memorial Arena

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Bike Routes

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Bike Paths are located at Service Club Park, Meadowridge Parkway, Charleswood, 13th Ave, 7th Ave, Sheyenne Street, 9th St/Veterans Blvd, Eagle Run, Northridge Lake, Burlington Commons, North and South Elmwood Parks, Rendezvous Parks, Shadow Wood Park, and Maple Ridge Park.

The West Fargo Park District and the City of West Fargo in cooperation with the Metro-Council of Governments Bikeway Committee are studying ways to update and improve the city Bikeway system. Bike owners are encouraged to register their bikes through the West Fargo Police Department. The cost is $1 per bike. For more information, please contact the police department at 433-5500.

Call: 701.433.5500
Park PropertyDistance in Feet Miles
Rendezvous Park
9th St. to 1st Lot6431/8
Lake Loop4,1908/10
Skate Park to BB Courts1,3061/4
32nd to Lake Loop1,3721/4
East Lake Path20364/10
Corridor 40th Park to Rendezvous4,0218/10
Service Club Park1,4623/10
North Elmwood Park
Park Path 13th to North Entrance (9th Ave)1,5003/10
South Elmwood Park
River Path to 19th3,7877/10
Path to 13th Ave W (Ball Road)3,9303/4
Northridge Lake Path1,3001/4
Charles wood Area Paths
17th Ave E to 15th Ave E Path2/10
9th St E to 6th St E Path4/10
13th Ave E to 15th Ave Path2/10
Charles wood Lake path 15th Ave to 17 Ave E4/10
Maplewood Park Path
17th Ave E to 16th St E2/10
Burlington Lake Park Path
Burlington Dr to Burlington Ln1,0002/10
Total Miles = 6.5 Miles

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