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Adult Creative Arts

Get out and Create!

Ages 18+

Whether you have a passion for arts and crafts, or you don’t quite have that creative gene, this class will teach you how to make an enjoyable and innovative project in a relaxed setting. All supplies are provided.

Ages 18+

Bob Splichal, a self-taught, advanced photographer and seasoned photography instructor will take you on a journey through the art form that he is passionate about. Through Bob’s personal experiences and travel, he shares his many photos to help simplify your learning about how to better understand and use your camera. The Basic Photo Classes (Photo 1 & Photo 2) are starter classes for photographers that do not understand the three aspects of the Exposure Triangle (Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO). Students will leave these classes with a good understanding of how the Exposure Triangle effects photos. All other classes are considered “Advanced” and students need to have a good understanding of the Exposure Triangle in order to get the most out of each class. Without this understanding, students are often overwhelmed and require a lot of extra personal attention in the class. Please call Bob at 701-899-8994 if you have class questions.

Photography Basics – Photo 1
This photography class is based on a single assumption… no matter how simple or complex your camera is, you shoot mostly in the green “auto” mode. This class will help you understand how the camera functions while using the “auto” mode and how you can take better pictures while using it! Please bring your camera and manual to the class.

The Art of Photography – Photo 2
Learn how to compose great photos in this novice photography class! Do you understand shutter speeds? Do you know how to create width, depth and height in a photo? These are only two of the many topics covered in this class. Bob will cover the “Exposure Triangle” in more depth, so that you will further understand the importance of how shutter speed, ISO and aperture are combined to create a great photo. Bring your camera and manual to the class.

Understanding the Program Modes – Part 1
Learn how to understand the advanced program modes of your camera and improve your photography skills! Learn to focus on one aspect of the exposure triangle at a time, as you progress through all of the program modes and help you master the manual mode. Class will include practice using each of the program modes.

Complimenting the Program Modes – Part 2
Enhance your photography skills by learning about the different functions of your camera that will compliment your photography! This class includes understanding and use of the seven flash modes, ISO, white balance settings, exposure compensation, drive modes, auto focus settings, metering modes and auto exposure Bracketing. If you are used to using the program modes you may want to skip Part 1 and jump right into this class.

Macro Photography
Have you ever wondered how to achieve those larger than life photos of a blade of grass with a water droplet or the dimples on a basketball? Learn the basics of macro photography, and how to achieve the ideal aperture setting while using the Aperture Priority Program Mode. Class will consist of an informal 60-minute lecture and a 90-minute macro photo shoot at the beautiful NDSU Flower Gardens Daylily Exhibit on 12 Ave. N in Fargo. Please bring your camera and it’s manual to the class. A monopod or tripod and a cordless shutter release are also recommended but not required.

Night Time Photography
Taking pictures at night can be quite challenging. This specialty class will familiarize you with long shutter speeds, light painting, car light trails, shooting the moon and stars, light star bursts and focus points! Students will be shooting in the Manual Program Mode. The first hour’s lecture will be held at the Rustad Recreation Center. Following the lecture, a hands-on night time photo shoot will take place around the new Sanford Medical Center. A tri-pod and shutter release are highly suggested for this class.