Skating Lessons

Important Information

Lessons are open to ages 3 and older. If your child is new to skating and is planning on playing hockey, it is highly recommended to take these skating lessons. Skaters will work on balance, edge work, forward and backward skating and many other skating skills. Skate rental is not available.

Adult/Tot (Ages 3-6)

This level is recommended if skater needs assistance getting across ice or falls often. Instruction includes getting up from a fall, marching in place and forward marching. An adult must participate during class with their child at this level.

Beginner/Level 1 (Ages 4-15)

This level is recommended if the skater can make it across the rink without assistance. Skaters will learn the skills for skating and gliding forward, stopping, two-foot hops, and bubbles, and an introduction to backward skating and gliding.

Level 2 (Ages 4 & up)

Level 2 is only if the skater has passed Level 1’s skills: skating and gliding forward , stopping, two-foot hops, bubbles and backward skating and gliding. During Level 2, skaters will learn the skills of full stroke skating and crossover skating.

Check the Cancellation Line at 701-551-7138 for the most current weather-related and other schedule updates.

Skating lessons are offered in the Fall and Winter. For specific dates, times and registration information click on Register Online button.