Shooting Sports

Ages 6 – Adult

This program is an introduction to BB gun shooting and basic firearm safety to participants ages 6-12. Classes will consist of individual marksmanship practice and an occasional quiz on the topics of gun safety and marksmanship. Each participant will require an adult to load and help aim the BB guns. All eye protection is provided. For the safety of all involved, any student that demonstrates inappropriate or disruptive behavior will be removed from class immediately.

This class will take young shooters to the next level and introduce them to the .22 long rifle caliber. Participants will be taught shooting safety along with rifle shooting fundamentals such as sighting, stance and trigger control. In addition, they will learn about the .22 lr cartridge and have an opportunity to try different .22 caliber action types. Ages 11-18 are welcome to register, but the age minimum is firm. All participants will require a responsible adult to accompany them.

Check the Cancellation Line at 701-551-7138 for the most current weather-related and other schedule updates.

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