Registering For Activities

Our programs are open to all residents in West Fargo, Fargo, Moorhead and surrounding areas.

Ways to Register

Register Online

Mail or Drop Off: 601 26th Ave E, West Fargo, ND  58078
Fax: 701-433-5369

Click here to download the Registration Form 2016

A drop box is available after hours at the park office.

You will not be contacted before activities begin. If you want to confirm that you are registered or to check on an activity’s start date, call 701-433-5360. Please note that early registration dates are not activity start dates.

*NOTE : If registering for a team activity and carpooling, see instructions below about how to register.

Credit cards accepted:


Early Registration

Registering early helps us to appropriately and efficiently staff programs, create schedules and order supplies.

Most activities have registration limits and may reach that limit before the early registration finishes. Registrations after early registration will only be accepted if room is available.

Registration Form

Download the Registration Form 2016

Please do not register online if carpooling.
For carpooling purposes you may request to play with two other individuals, however these two individuals must be in the same level and school as your child. These registrations must be mailed together or turned into the office at the same time. To help prevent errors in this process we encourage participants not to use online registration if making carpool requests. This procedure only applies to registrations received by the registration deadline.


Once registered for an activity a refund will be issued only if the activity is cancelled, or you provide a doctor’s note explaining a medical condition preventing you from participating.

Reduced Rates for Low Income Assistance

Reduced rates may be offered to residents with limited incomes. Eligibility is in accordance with recognized income guidelines for state and federal programs. For more information call 701-433-5360.


The West Fargo Park District does not carry insurance for participants. We suggest reviewing your family’s personal health insurance plan to be sure it provides you with sufficient coverage. We also suggest consulting a physician before starting any activity requiring physical exertion.

Americans with Disabilities Act

We are committed to supporting the Americans with Disabilities Act. If you require special accommodations for participation in any activities or facilities, please contact the West Fargo Park District at 701-433-5360.

Unattended Child Policy

Because the West Fargo Park District cares about patrons, the following policy was adopted. We ask all parents and guardians to be on time when picking up their child from a West Fargo Park District activity or facility. Any child not picked up 20 minutes after an activity ends is considered an “unattended child”. Program leaders will remain on site until all patrons have left the premises. However, after 20 minutes, the West Fargo Police Department will be contacted to pick up the child and escort them to the proper authorities. Children under the age of 7 must be accompanied by an adult or a student age 14 or older.

Parent’s Code of Ethics

Parents should…

  • Display good sportsmanship by respecting all participants, coaches, officials, and parents.
  • If you have a question or comment, please follow this order:
  1. Ask coach or program instructor
  2. Ask umpire, instructor, or coordinator
  3. Ask the recreation manager at the park office or call 433-5360.
  • Place emotional and physical well being of participants above the desire to win.
  • Keep in mind that kids activities are meant to be FUN for kids!

Participant’s Code of Ethics

Participants should…

  • Display good sportsmanship by respecting all participants, coaches, officials & parents.
  • Follow rules and coach/instructor’s directions.
  • Tell the coach/instructor if hurt, not feeling well, or need help.
  • Remember to bring a water bottle filled with water on hot days.