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Our Mission

The West Fargo Park District’s Mission is to provide opportunities for its citizens to enjoy their leisure time in our public programs, facilities and parks that:

  • Contribute to the physical, mental and social development of our citizens.
  • Contribute to the quality of community life.
  • Meet citizens needs and interests through quality services at a reasonable price.

Park Staff

Park staff retouched

Front Row: Justin Germundson-Business Manager, Dave Schacher-Maintenance, Jamie Olson-Facility Manager, Barb Erbstoesser-Executive Director, Katie Ettish-Recreation Specialist, Greg Foien-Maintenance, Doug Haakenson-Shift Leader, Micah Fraase-Maintenance; Second Row: Dave Opdahl-Maintenance, Andrew Rodriguez-Maintenance, Diane Fritz-Customer Service Rep, Kevin Hawley-Maintenance, Lance Belisle-Recreation Manager, Bob Potter-Operations Manager, Kim Wangler-Recreation Specialist, Danny Heskin-Facility Specialist


Staff Emails

Title Name Email
Barb Erbstoesser Executive Director barb@wfparks.org
Lance Belisle Recreation Manager lance@wfparks.org
Justin Germundson Business Manager justin@wfparks.org
Kim Wangler Recreation Specialist II kim@wfparks.org
Katie Ettish Recreation Specialist I katie@wfparks.org
Diane Fritz Customer Service Rep. diane@wfparks.org
Bob Potter Park Operations Manager bob@wfparks.org
Jamie Olson Facility Manager jamie@wfparks.org

Park Board

Sharon Odegaard – President
Todd Rheault – Vice President
Kathy Scully
Jeff McCracken – Commissioner
Ken Zetocha – Commissioner

Park Board Meetings are held the second Wednesday of each month at 5:30pm at West Fargo City Hall.

Park Board Meeting Agenda Item Request Form

To place a proposed item on the West Fargo Park Board agenda and appear before the Board, the following form must be completed and submitted to the West Fargo Park District administrative office by Wednesday (10:00 a.m.) one week prior to the Park Board meeting. Click here for Park Board Meeting Agenda Item Request Form.

Name Title Email
Sharon Odegaard President s.odegaard@wfparks.org
Todd Rheault Vice President t.rheault@wfparks.org
Jeff McCracken Commissioner j.mccracken@wfparks.org
Kathy Scully Commissioner k.scully@wfparks.org
Ken Zetocha Commissioner k.zetocha@wfparks.org

Click here for Agendas / Minutes



The West Fargo Park District is pleased to announce the availability of the “Matching
Funds” program again for 2015 with $20,000 available for the 50/50 matching funds
program. The initial application deadline is set for March 30, 2015. After this date,
applications will be reviewed and submitted with recommendation to the West Fargo
Park Board for final approval and award April 8, 2015.

To be eligible, all submitted requests for funds must involve projects which are on
West Fargo Park District property. All projects considered must be accessible to public use
Requests for annual program operation funding is not eligible. To apply contact the
West Fargo Park District at 701-433-5360 or access a form at www.wfparks.org. If you
have any questions please contact Barb Erbstoesser at the West Fargo Park District.

Matching Funds Form


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  • For the most current updates on scheduled events and activities, call the park cancellation line at 701-433-5363

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